Please read the following to ensure the safe and correct use of SPOONRIDER.

Parents Please Read This Cautions in Use of This Product

If you are not careful when skateboarding or skateboard in a dangerous way, you run the risk of causing a serious accident which may involve other people as well as yourself. Take responsibility for your actions and always follow the correct rules and behavior to use the product safely.

■ Never let more than one person ride on the skateboard.

■ Always wear protective gear when riding on the skateboard: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc.

■ Before using it, always check for any faults with the parts e.g. the deck, truck, wheels, or screws.

■ Do not use on ramps, hard sections of parks, or other places that are prohibited or dangerous (e.g. parks, halls inside buildings, slopes, footpaths, in mountains, rivers, rainy weather, or public roads; please check with your local authorities for road safety rules).

■ Take note of wear or aging of parts and replace them when necessary. (Wear will differ for each person.)

■ Do not hitch a ride by holding onto a car, motorbike, or cycle or other vehicle while using the skateboard.

■ Do not store the skateboard in a very humid environment or one where it will be exposed to rain.

■ Do not use if your weight is 70 kilograms or over.

■ Do not modify or improperly customize the skateboard.

■ The fixing bolt (1) can be a cause of accidents. Do not loosen it.

■ The pivot base (2) has special elastic material attached to it. With frequent use the action of the pivot may become looser. This is ordinary wear and is not a design fault.

■ We inspect all products to ensure they are in the best condition. Even so, very rarely there may be cracks, pinholes, or discoloration unique to skateboards on the deck, truck, or wheels. Please be aware that these are not initial defects.

(1) Fixing bolt
(2) Pivot base